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Bird Box Series

Created for an exhibition during the Annual Conference of the National Council on Education for the Ceramics Arts, held in Sacramento in 2022, the Bird Box Series is a response to a cultivated connection with a California organization called Wild Farm Alliance.


WFA promotes healthy, viable agriculture by protecting and restoring wild nature and creating wild connectivity across farming landscapes. Using mutually beneficial relationships as a science-based foundation for simple solutions to both a biodiversity loss crisis in bird populations and an agricultural necessity. Rejecting the notion that wild lands and farmlands must remain separate and instead insisting that the connectivity of the two create the most viable, sustainable and mutually beneficial outcome.


In response to WFA's Farmland Flyway Trail program and the Wild Farm Alliance’s goal to create a network of 1 million bird boxes across U.S. farmlands this series is a set of ceramics boxes each displaying a dominant crop grown in CA and one of its beneficial bird species.

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